October 2011
Aruba Birds Trip Report

S.R. Fopma



On October 28, I went to Aruba for four weeks (my son has been there for two years, in the service). The first week was quiet, but the middle two weeks, I was actively taking bird photographs. I photographed 28 bird species including Southern Lapwing and a group of six warawaras (Crested Caracaras). It was a pleasure to make them these bird photos, as there were many beautiful places in Aruba. I enjoyed it very much.

S.R. Fopma

Dear Mr. Fopma,
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos at this website. You are a wonderful photographer, and visitors to this website will enjoy them.
Thank you!

Allison and Jeff Wells

(All photos below were taken by S.R. Fopma)

Black-necked Stilt, taken on October 13, 2011 along the road into Bubali bird sanctuary.


Southern Lapwing, taken at the pond near the bridge on road to Californian lighthouse just out of town on October 12, 2011.


Barn Swallow, taken October 9, 2011, along the road to the oil refinery.


Carib Grackle, taken October 6, 2011, at my son’s neighbor’s home in Oranjestad.


Tropical Mockingbird, in the garden at my son’s house in Oranjestad, taken October 4, 2011.


Yellow Warbler, taken near the beach, on the airport fence. October 8, 2011.


Semi-palmated Plover, at the beach near the airport runway, taken October 10, 2011.

Eared Dove, taken on October 4, 2011 while I was walking along the street with my son in Oranjestad.


Green Heron (immature), taken October 13, 2011 near the bridge on the way to Californian lighthouse.


Great Egret, at the same place the Green Heron taken on October 8, 2011.


Burrowing Owl (choco), taken on October 12, 2011, spotted at the airport.

Little Blue Heron (immature), t
aken at the tower at the windmill on October 18, 2011.


Crested Caracara, taken while driving along road to oil refinery, towards Baby Beach, in Ceru Colorado.


Crested Caracara flock, also seen while driving toward the oil refinery, in the direction of Baby Beach in Ceru Colorado.