June 5 - 12, 2011
Lee Fuller


While I was not specifically birding, I find that the golf course is a great place to find all manner of unexpected encounters with local wildlife. We vacationed on Aruba the week of June 5, 2011.  

On June 7th at DiviLinks, I met the local Burrowing Owl and also

the Southern Lapwing.

                              Burrowing Owls photos by Lee Fuller

The pair of Southern Lapwings were

protecting a nest near the 9th green. Any time a golfer came near

the green, both birds swooped in on them to try to scare them

away from the nest. I took some photos of this behavior as they

swept in on me.

                                                                 Southern Lapwing photos by Lee Fuller

It was a very intimidating experience, and I apologize for the poor

quality of the photos but I was ducking for cover at the time!

Lee, your photos are terrific, though sorry you felt under attack. That, of course,

was their goal, as you say, to protect their nest. Thanks for sending your photos

and your fascinating experience.

Allison and Jeff Wells