2-7 Sept 2005
David Hubler



Sept. 2

Magnificent Frigate Bird – In the downtown (Orenjestad) dock area. Saw three. Saw them every day thereafter. Biggest concentration was in the area of the high rise hotels.

Brown Pelican – Harbor area, Orenjestad

Barn Swallow – In the courtyard area of La Cabana, (a condo in the low rise hotel district, across from Eagle Beach .) Probably 20 or more and they were there every day.

*Tropical Mockingbird – Courtyard of La Cabana, 2-3 of them every day.

Moorhen – Bubali, Probably about 25-30. They were there every day.

* Caribbean Parakeet – In the windmill parking lot across from the Bubali entrance. 2 of them.

Sept. 3

* Caribbean Coot – Bubali, about 12-15. They were there each day thereafter. Don't know where they were the first time we went to Bubali. L

Snowy Egret - 4-5. Bubali

*Neotropical Cormorant – 3-5. Bubali.

Green Heron – Bubali. Always saw one, and on some occasions saw two. Widely separated as they were always hunting/fishing.

* Caribbean Martin – I think this was what they were. They were in great abundance around the tower at Bubali. Did not have the same long forked tails as the Barn Swallows at La Cabana, but markings very similar to the Raffaele guide, and boy, were they fast. Never could catch one roosting. 30-40 of them.

Ruddy Turnstone – Beach area just west of the airport. 2

*Bridled Tern – Beach area just west of the airport 5-6

*Black Winged Stilt - Beach area near Navarette , 2

Greater Yellowlegs – Same place

*Common Ground Dove – Same place

*Bahama Pintail/White Checked Pintail - Bubali. 2 new families, one of 2 adults and 5 kids and one of 1 adult and 4 kids.

Sept. 4

Bananaquit – La Cabana 1. Also saw the most inquisitive bananaquit on the last Sunday AM in the seating area of the Dutch Pancake house. He was evidently a permanent staff member.

Great Egret – Bubali, 1

*Caribbean Grackle – Bubali, dozens.

Black Faced Grasquit – Bubali, 1

Sept. 5

Laughing Gull – an immature, on Malmok beach about ½ mile S. of lighthouse, across from the new golf course.

Sept. 6

Eared Dove - Bubali, 2

Black Skimmer - Shallow pond across the main road from the Marriott hotels, near Bakval. About 8 of them. Four of them flew in formation, up and down the pond, fishing. This went on for 15 minutes. Quite a show.

Sept. 7

Troupial – Near the “bird refuge” north of Pos Chiquito, on the road to Frenchmen's pass. This refuge was not even marked on one of the maps we had, but then we picked up a different map, and found it. Good area. The troupials were on a small road across from the entrance to the refuge. About 50 yards down the road, past an electrical facility. Two trees full of them. Probably 15-20 of them. This was a highlight for me. They were gorgeous.

Semipalmated Sandpiper – pond in the refuge.

Yellow warbler – in low trees around the pond at the refuge.

Semipalmated Plover – pond in the refuge.

* Louisiana Heron – Pond in the refuge.

Caribbean Parakeet – Cactus garden between R. C. Church and University on Kerkstraat. Probably a dozen flitting from one cactus top to another.

The asterisk is an indication that this was a new bird for us, and we saw 12 new ones.

We looked for the burrowing owl at the golf course and other places, but never saw one. And I just found out about the Cayenne Tern, the day before we left and didn't have time to go to the refinery to try and find one.