July 2010
Bob v


Last summer we visited Aruba, in July 2010. 


With a Google map I marked four locations where I spotted the following different birds:

Brown Pelican

Crested Caracara

Black-faced Grassquit

Northern Scrub Flycatcher

Brown-throated Parakeet

The best place to go for me was Arikok National Park. Nice walking trails and a lot different birds. I hope to find lots of birds in the Bubali Bird Sanctuary but this was a little bit disappointing. There was a nice lookout tower but not many birds to spot in July.

On location Malmok Beach were a lot of Brown Pelicans near the coast by the rocks.

                                                   Brown Pelican by Bob v. 

On location Arashi bay near the California Lighthouse I saw the Crested Caracara - beautiful bird of prey, great bird to spot.

                  Crested Caracara by Bob v.

Near our villa, Kunuku, in the middle of the island, we spotted daily the Brown-throated Parakeet.

      Brown-throated Parakeet by Bob v.

In Arikok National Park, we saw a lot of small birds like the Black-faced Grassquit

                                      Black-faced Grassquit by Bob v.

and the Northern Scrub Flycatcher.

                               Northern Scrub Flycatcher by Bob v.

We also frequently saw the Troupial and the Chuchubi bird, Tropical Mockingbird.


On my website there are a lot of more photos of different bird I spot in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao: http://www.bob-photos.com/gallery/v/travel.