May 27, 2009
Bruce Ruppel



Here is a birding list (as meager as it is) from a recent trip to Aruba. I am intrigued by the potential for birding on the island. Unfortunately, I am not the best birder and didn't observe any unusual species, but I did not spend enough time actually birding. I did most of my birding among the Lowrise hotel grounds and morning walks along the beach, but one morning I visited the Bubali Bird Sanctuary. With a little local help and some funding from a wildlife organization like Audubon, this could be a true birding hotspot on the island. The observation tower needs some TLC. It needs some flooring and an inspection for structural integrity. It would be a shame to lose the tower due to neglect. It is a very unique place and I plan on returning to there again next year to do some "serious" Aruba birding.

Thanks, Bruce. We're happy to have your checklist and this additional information. It will certainly be helpful to visitors to this website. Thanks for sending it along!

Allison and Jeff Wells

Here's Bruce's Checklist.