19-26 February 2004
Candace Cornell


I was especially interested in finding the Aruban Burrowing Owl so I could compare it to it's Floridian relative. I found a wonderful pair and their burrow at Arikok NP. The only advice I have to offer visiting birders is to protect your equipment from the incessant wind! I'd also suggest renting a jeep (with spare tires) so that you can get away from the hotels and explore the wilder east coast and interior. . . and of course, take a sunset sail and buy lots of Dutch cheese and licorice at the local markets.

I was terribly dismayed by the amount of garbage I saw blown around the island, especially along the coastline. The wind, however, is only partially to blame. It may be "one happy island" but it's also a trashy one too, which is a shame.