April 29 - May 6, 2008
Jan Hein Ribot


I hope this checklist report serves some purpose for you.

Best regards,

Jan Hein Ribot


Jeff and Allison Wells: Thanks for sending in the checklist, Jan. We appreciate seeing it and visitors to this website will, too.


Checklist of the Birds of Aruba

Date: __april 29 to may 6 2008

Time: ___________________________

Locality: ___indicated___with the species, number only for the first pace mentioned_____________

Observers: Jan Hein Ribot

Abbreviations: Status in appropriate habitat is indicated in parentheses by single letter code.

C = common, U = uncommon, R = rare, V = vagrant. An asterisk (*) indicates that the species is known to have bred on the island.

Podicipedidae - Grebes

____ Pied-billed Grebe* (C )

_2___ Least Grebe (U) Bubali


Procellariidae - Petrels and Shearwaters

____ Black-capped Petrel (R)

____ Audubon's Shearwater (U)


Hydrobatidae - Storm-Petrels

____ Wilson 's Storm-Petrel (R)

____ Leach's Storm-Petrel (V)


Sulidae Boobies and Gannets

____ Masked Booby (V)

____ Brown Booby (C)

____ Red-footed Booby (U)


Pelecanidae - Pelicans

__20__ Brown Pelican* (C) Malmok and also Rdoger beach, baby beach harbor etc

Phalacrocoracidae Cormorants

_40___ Neotropic Cormorant* (C) Bubali and also other places


Fregatidae - Frigatebirds

____ Magnificent Frigatebird (C) everywhere along the coast


Ardeidae Herons and Egrets

____ Pinnated Bittern (V)

_2___ Great Blue Heron (U) Bubali

_20___ Great Egret (C) Bubali

__x__ Snowy Egret* (C) Bubali

_2___ Little Blue Heron (C) Bubali

_5___ Tricolored Heron* (C) Bubali

____ Reddish Egret (R)

__x__ Cattle Egret* (C) Bubali

__x __ Green Heron* (C) Hyatt garden Bubali

____ Black-crowned Night-Heron* (C)

____ Yellow-crowned Night-Heron* (U)


Threskiornithidae - Ibises

____ White Ibis (R)

____ Scarlet Ibis (R)

____ Glossy Ibis (R)

____ White-faced Ibis (V)

____ Roseate Spoonbill (V)


Ciconiidae - Storks

____ Wood Stork (V)


Phoenicopteridae Flamingos

____ Greater Flamingo (V)


Anatidae Ducks, Geese, and Swans

____ White-faced Whistling-Duck (V)

____ Black-bellied Whistling-Duck (V)

____ Fulvous-Whistling Duck (V)

____ Greater White-fronted Goose (V)

____ Comb Duck (V)

____ American Wigeon (R)

____ Blue-winged Teal (C)

____ Northern Shoveler (V)

__4__ White-cheeked Pintail* (C) Bubali

____ Northern Pintail (V)

____ Lesser Scaup (U)


Accipitridae Eagles, Hawks, and allies

___x_ Osprey (C) Bubali

____ White-tailed Kite (V)

____ White-tailed Hawk* (R)


Falconidae Falcons

__2__ Crested Caracara* (U) seroe colorado and Pos chiquito, spanish lagoon, andicuri, Moko etc

_5___ American Kestrel* (C) tierra del sol golf course and many other places

____ Merlin (U)

____ Peregrine Falcon (U)


Odontophoridae - Quail

__4__ Crested Bobwhite* (C) tierra del sol, sierra colorado


Rallidae Rails, Gallinules, and Coots

____ Sora (U)

____ Purple Gallinule (R)

___5_ Common Moorhen (C) Bubali

_3___ Caribbean Coot (C) Bubali


Aramidae Limpkins

____ Limpkin (V)


Charadriidae Plovers

____ Southern Lapwing (V)

____ Black-bellied Plover (C)

____ American Golden-Plover (U)

____ Collared Plover (R)

____ Snowy Plover (R)

____ Wilson 's Plover (R)

____ Semipalmated Plover (C)

__4__ Killdeer (C) Bubali, Spanish lagoon


Haematopodidae - Oystercatchers

__1__ American Oystercatcher (U) malmok


Recurvirostridae - Stilts

____ Black-necked Stilt (C)


Scolopacidae Sandpipers and allies

____ Greater Yellowlegs (C)

____ Lesser Yellowlegs (C)

____ Solitary Sandpiper (U)

____ Willet (U)

____ Spotted Sandpiper (C)

____ Upland Sandpiper (V)

____ Whimbrel (C)

____ Hudsonian Godwit (R)

__5__ Ruddy Turnstone (C) baby beach

____ Red Knot (R)

____ Sanderling (C)

____ Semipalmated Sandpiper (C)

____ Western Sandpiper (U)

____ Least Sandpiper (C)

____ White-rumped Sandpiper (R)

____ Baird's Sandpiper (R)

____ Pectoral Sandpiper (R)

____ Stilt Sandpiper (U)

____ Short-billed Dowitcher (U)

____ Long-billed Dowitcher (R)

____ Common Snipe (C)


Laridae Jaegers, Gulls, and Terns

____ Pomarine Jaeger (R)

____ Parasitic Jaeger (R)

__x__ Laughing Gull* (C) everywhere along the coast

____ Franklin 's Gull (V)

____ Ring-billed Gull (V)

____ Herring Gull (V)

____ Lesser Black-backed Gull (V)

____ Great Black-backed Gull (V)

____ Gull-billed Tern (R)

____ Caspian Tern (R)

__x__ Royal Tern (C) malmok

__x__ Sandwich Cayenne Tern* (C) Rodger beach

____ Sandwich Tern (U)

____ Roseate Tern* (U)

__x__ Common Tern* (C) sound baby beach

__x__ Least Tern* (C) rodger beach

____ Bridled Tern* (U)

__30__ Sooty Tern* (C) Rodger beach

____ Large-billed Tern (V)

____ Black Tern (R)

__5__ Brown Noddy* (C) Rodger beach

____ Black Noddy* (U)


Columbidae Pigeons and Doves

__x__ Rock Dove (C) amny places especially near Hooiberg


__x__ Bare-eyed Pigeon (C) many places lagoon

___x_ Eared Dove (C) many places beach and inland

__x__ Common Ground-Dove (C)

__x__ White-tipped Dove (U)


Psittacidae - Parrots

__x__ Brown-throated Parakeet (C) many places lagoon


Cuculidae Cuckoos and Anis

____ Yellow-billed Cuckoo (U to C)

____ Mangrove Cuckoo (U)

__2__ Groove-billed Ani (U) Bubali


Strigidae Typical Owls

____ Burrowing Owl (R) NO! searched for them


Steatornithidae Oilbirds

____ Oilbird (V)


Caprimulgidae - Goatsuckers

____ Common Nighthawk (R)

____ Chuck-will's Widow (R)

____ White-tailed Nightjar* (R)


Apodidae - Swifts

____ Chimney Swift (V)


Trochilidae - Hummingbirds

____ White-necked Jacobin (V)

____ Ruby-topaz Hummingbird (U)

_x___ Blue-tailed Emerald (C) many places


Alcedinidae - Kingfishers

____ Amazon Kingfisher (V)

____ Ringed Kingfisher (V)

____ Belted Kingfisher (U)


Picidae Woodpeckers

____ Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (R)


Tyrannidae Tyrant Flycatchers

____ Caribbean Elaenia (R?)

____ Small-billed Elaenia (V)

____ Scrub Flycatcher* (U)

____ Eastern Wood Pewee (R)

____ Vermilion Flycatcher (V)

____ Cattle Tyrant (V)

___x_ Brown-crested Flycatcher* (U) lagoon

____ Tropical Kingbird* (R)

____ Gray Kingbird (U)

____ Eastern Kingbird (R)

____ Fork-tailed Flycatcher (U)


Vireonidae - Vireos

____ Philadelphia Vireo (V)

____ Red-eyed Vireo (R)

____ Black-whiskered Vireo (R)


Hirundinidae Martins and Swallows

____ Brown-chested Martin (R)

____ Purple Martin (R)

____ Caribbean Martin (R)

____ Bank Swallow (C)

____ Cliff Swallow (R)

_x___ Barn Swallow (C) lagoon


Mimidae Mockingbirds and Thrashers

__x__ Tropical Mockingbird* (C) everywhere


Sturnidae Starlings

____ European Starling (V)


Bombycillidae - Waxwings

____ Cedar Waxwing (V)


Parulidae Wood Warblers

____ Northern Parula (R)

__6__ Yellow Warbler* (C) Bubali

____ Chestnut-sided Warbler (R)

____ Magnolia Warbler (V)

____ Cape May Warbler (R)

____ Black-throated Blue Warbler (V)

____ Yellow-rumped Warbler (V)

____ Black-throated Green Warbler (V)

____ Blackburnian Warbler (R)

____ Prairie Warbler (V)

____ Palm Warbler (V)

____ Bay-breasted Warbler (R)

____ Blackpoll Warbler (C)

____ Black-and-white Warbler (U)

____ American Redstart (U)

____ Prothonotary Warbler (U)

____ Ovenbird (R)

____ Northern Waterthrush (C)

____ Louisiana Waterthrush (R)

____ Kentucky Warbler (R)

____ Connecticut Warbler (R)

____ Common Yellowthroat (R)

____ Hooded Warbler (U)

____ Canada Warbler (V)


Coeribidae - Bananaquit

_x___ Bananaquit* (C) everywhere


Thraupidae - Tanagers

____ Scarlet Tanager (U)


Emberizidae Seedeaters and allies

__x__ Black-faced Grassquit* (C) many places

____ Saffron Finch* (C)

____ White-throated Sparrow (V)

____ Rufous-collared Sparrow* (U)


Cardinalidae Grosbeaks and Buntings

____ Rose-breasted Grosbeak (U)

____ Indigo Bunting (R)

____ Dickcissel (U to C)


Icteridae - Blackbirds

____ Bobolink (C to U)

__20__ Carib Grackle* (C) Bubali and many other places

__x__ Shiny Cowbird (U) many places

____ Baltimore Oriole (R)

__x__ Troupial* (C) many places

____ Yellow Oriole* (U)


Passeridae Old World Sparrows

__x__ House Sparrow* (U) many places



Other species



Total Species: ___________