March 2009
Marilyn Cote-Miller


Last trip to Aruba, I found a tiny baby Emerald hummingbird on the sidewalk. It was about as big as my thumb. I picked it up, and it hopped onto my shoulder and snuggled into my neck. It seemed content to stay there as long as it wanted to, probably for the warmth, but I couldn't keep it forever, so after some time with oohhing and aahhing, I gently put him under a bush near where I'd found him. I still hope he didn't become food for a lizard.

                                                                         -Marilyn Cote-Miller

Hi, Marilyn. We think you did the right thing in trying to put it back safely where you found it. What a fascinating encounter. Thank you for caring.

Good (Aruba) birding,

Allison and Jeff Wells