March 7 - 12, 2011
Jim & Jo Ellen Kalat


My wife and I spent March 7-12 on Aruba. It was mostly a resort vacation trip, but we spent about an hour at Bubali (had trouble finding it) and about 4-5 hours at Arikok. Below is our trip list.

The letter in parenthesis after each bird indicates location: A = Arikok, B = Bubal, M = Marriott resort or nearby beaches, W = wetlands along route 1. I didn't count, but I do indicate the cases where we saw only a single bird.

Brown pelican (M)
Neotropic cormorant (B)
Magnificent frigatebird (M)
Great blue heron (B)
Great egret (M, W)
White-cheeked (Bahama) pintail (B)
Crested caracara (1) (A)
Common moorhen (B)
Black-necked stilt (1) (W)
Spotted sandpiper (1) (B)
Laughing gull (M)
Rock dove (A, M)
Bare-eyed pigeon (A, B, M)
Eared dove (A, M)
Common ground dove (A)
Groove-billed ani (A)
Scrub flycatcher (1) (A)
Tropical mockingbird (A, B, M)
Yellow warbler (A, B)
Bananaquit (A, M)
Black-faced grassquit (A, M)
Saffron finch (1, Maybe)(A)
Carib grackle (M)
Troupial (A)
Yellow oriole (1) (A)
House sparrow (M)