January 28 2016
Dennis Kirschbaum


Thanks so much for your info on birding in Aruba. You were right on with your suggestions.

We arrived at port on Jan 28. We got a taxi downtown and headed north to Divi Golf Course. Then to Bubali Bird Sanctuary. After spending time in the tower we had a soda at the Dutch Mill and went behind the buildings and found the rest of what we were looking for. In total we saw Carib Coot, Neo Cormorant, WC Pintail, Bare-eyed Pigeon, Eared Dove, Black-faced Grassquit, Bannanaquit, a pair of Troupial (in small tree behind the Dutch Mill with a possible nest), Solitary Sandpiper, Greater Yellow-legs, Blue-winged Teal, Sora Rail, Shiny Cowbird, Grey Kingbird, Great Egret, Least Sandpiper and Ground Dove. We missed on the Lapwing and hummers.

It was a great visit. We also had blue, grey, and green colored lizards on the road to the tower and an Iguana joined us in the tree tops of the tower. Met a local birder who told us about Aruba bird list message on Scarlet Ibis but we didn't see any. We met many friendly folks including the taxi driver, waitress at Dutch Mill, and other visitors. That friendliness was an extension of our contacts with you. Thanks.

Denny Kirschbaum