Nov 7-22, 2013

Linda Fuller


Gray Kingbird, Aruba, Nov., 2013. @Linda Fuller

Costa Linda Resort and Adjacent Parking Area for Public Beach


  • Bare-eyed Pigeons
  • Eared Doves
  • Common Ground Doves
  • Brown-Throated Parakeets
  • Frigate Birds
  • Brown Pelicans (very few this year compared to prior years)
  • Terns (very few this year compared to prior years)
  • Gray Kingbirds (attached photo where you can clearly see the red crown)
  • Carib Grackles
  • Tropical Mockingbirds
  • Bananaquits
  • Black-Faced Grassquits
  • Troupials (loved the outdoor bar and restaurant)
  • One large white pigeon.  Saw it last year as well.  This year it was acting like a bullying chasing all the other birds.
  • House sparrows



Ponds Across from Highrises




  • White-Cheeked Pintails (attached a photo)
  • Great Egrets
  • Many Kildeer
  • 1 Black-necked stilt
  • Yellow Legs
  • 1 Wilson’s Snipe
  • Brown-Throated Parakeets







  • Juvenile Brown Pelican
  • Snowy Egrets
  • Great Egrets
  • 1 Blue Heron
  • Sora
  • Moorehens
  • 1 Caribbean Coot
  • Green Herons
  • Brown-Throated Parakeets
  • Troupials (Saw a pair feeding one of their young.  Saw this family both times I went there.  Attached a photo.)
  • Grassquits
  • Saw a couple of yellow warblers with brown on head.  No photo.  Not sure what they were.  Maybe Palm Warblers?




Tierra Del Sol Golf Course  (The staff here are so nice and helpful to people birding.)


  • Grooved-billed Ani (attached a photo)



Arikok National Park (another place where staff is so helpful providing info and pointing things out)


  • 2 Burrowing Owls (attached a photo of one of the birds)