December 4-16, 2013

Erik Kramshøj


White-cheeked Pintail, Aruba, Dec 2013 © Erik Kramshøj

Aruba observations  Dec.4th-16th, 2013

Black-bellied Whistling Duck:  14th, 2 lagoon behind Dutch mill

American Wigeon: 14th, 2 lagoon behind Dutch mill, 6 Golf Course Tierra del Sol

American Wigeon, Tierra del Sol, Aruba, Dec.14, 2013 © Erik Kramshøj

Blue-winged Teal: Several observations from the small lagoons. Best summed up 14th, 20 Lagoon behind Dutch windmill, 25 by Marriot Hotel, 60 Golf Course Tierra del Sol

Northern Shoveler: 14th, 1 female, Marriott Lagoon

Northern Shoveler, female(center of photo-note large bill), Marriot Lagoon, Aruba, Dec.14, 2013 © Erik Kramshøj

White-cheeked Pintail: Common in the ponds, largest flocks 14th, 40 Lagoon by Dutch Windmill, 20 Golf Course Tierra del Sol.

Green-winget Teal: 14th,  1 Dutch mill lagoon-1 Pond by The Marriott hotel

Pied-billed Grebe: 12th, 3 Dutch mill lagoon, 14th. 5 same locality

Magnificent Frigatebird: 5-10 seen daily along the coast fron The Tamareijn hotel

Brown Booby: Up to 5 daily at The Tamarijn Hotel, all flying (migrating?) south

Neotropic Cormorant: 7th, 5 Bubali – 10th, 40 in the same tree Divi Golf Course plus scattered observations of single passing birds.

Neotropical Cormorant), Divi Links Golf course pond, Aruba, Dec.10, 2013 © Erik Kramshøj

Brown Pelican: Daily by the coast but not numerous (10-15), also up to 5 in Bubali and the lagoon By Dutch mill.

Brown Pelican, Aruba, Dec., 2013 © Erik Kramshøj

Black-crowned Night Heron: 7th, 1 Bubali - 12th 1 Lagoon by Dutch Mill

Green Heron: 4th, 1 Baluba – 7th, 1 Bubali, 10th 1 Divi Golf Course, 14th 1 Lagoon by Dutch mill

Great Blue Heron: 7th 1 Pod by Marriott Hotel – 12th and 14th 1 Lagoon by Dutch mill

Great White Egret: 7th 3 Bubali, 8th 3 Malmouk pond, , 14th 5 lagoon by Dutch mill – Golf Course Tierra del Sol

Great White Egret with iguana, Aruba, Dec., 2013 © Erik Kramshøj

Little Blue Heron: 7th 1 imm. Bubali, 8th 1 ad. Marriott, 12th 2 imm. Lagoon by Dutch mill, 14th 4 imm same place.

Snowy Egret: 7th  + 9th 1 Marriott pond, 12th 3 Dutch mill lagoon

White Ibis: 14th 1 juv. Dutch mill lagoon  (was kind enough to turn the back to me while food seeking, in telescope no trace of red at all on tail coverts/vent. I have not much experience with imm. White/Scarlet ibis., but from Jeff White (in litt.) I understand that no traces of red -as observed- indicates White ibis.)

Osprey: 6th 1 Tamarijn Hotel, 12th 1 Bubali (could easily be same bird)

Crested Caracara: 8th 1 Arikok, 9th 1 Malmouk, 4 together displaying Marriott, 14th 2 same area.

American Kestrel: 4th 1 Divi Golf Course, 7th 1 Bubali – 1 Marriott, 9th 1 Tamareijn Hotel, 14th  2-3 Golf Course Sierra del Sol

Peregrine Falcon: 5th 1 Oranjestad, 6th 1 Tamarijn, 8th 1 Marriott, 11th 1 Tamarijn hotel (same bird…?)

Common Moorhen: Most common fresh water bird, didn’

Carribean Coot: 7th 5 Bubali, 10th 15 Divi Golf Course, sen in numbers, but no notes from 14th… (sorry)

Black-bellied Plover: 15th 1 Malmouk

Kildeer: 7th 1 Malmouk, 8th 1 Arikok, 14th 5 Golf Course Tierra del Sol

American Oystercatcher: 4th 1 flying South Tamarijn hotel, 8th 4 Boca Prins

Black-necked Stint: 8th 30 + 14th 50 Malmouk

Greater Yellowlegs: 7th 2 Marriott, 8th 1 Boca Prins, 5 Malmouk, 14th 5 Dutch windmill lagoon

Lesser Yellowlegs 7th 1 Marriott, 8th 15 Malmouk, 14th 1 Malmouk

Spotted Sandpiper: 7th 1 Bubali – 2 Malmouk, 14th 3 Golf Course Sierra del Sol

Whimbrel: 8th 15 Malmouk, 15t 1 Malmouk

Ruddy Turnstone: 4th until 16th contantly 2-6 birds “poolcrashing” among guests at Tamareijn Hotel

Laughing Gull: Daily movement towards South just before sunset (seen fron Tamareijn Hotel). Largest number –about 75, 6th.

Royal Tern: The only numerous species over the sea, but no migration. (Probably too late). Constantly seen from our hotel, but never more than around 10 birds at the same time.

Rock Dove: Yes

Bare-eyed Pigeon: Quite common, no matter where I was. The impression was, that it was more widespread than Eared Dove bur less numerous. This is an impression based intirely on a feeling.

Eared Dove: see Bare-eyed

Common Ground Dove: Less numerous than the two above, but still quote common everywhere I went (or drove),

White-tipped Dove: Only one single bird decently spotted  8th in Arikok Park. Small flocks of doves (this or eared) was seen while I drove through the park, but they we gone every time I stopped.

Brown-throated Parakeet: Seen and heard  in the Northern coastal area from Oranjenstad to the lighthouse. Mostly seen while driving or in glimpses and not every day. Far more difficult to deal with than I thought.

Groove-billed Ani: 7th 1 Marriott, 14th 5 Golf Course Tierra del Sol

Burrowing Owl: 14th 1 by nest Golf Course Tierra det Sol

Blue-tailed Emerald: Only a single bird was seen 10th + 14th in Tamareijn Hotal garden

Barn Swallow: 7th gave approximately a total around 50, while I was driving around the Northern part of the Island, and that was it. No other observations.

Belted Kingfisher: 12th 1 Bubali

Gray Kingbird: Seen surprisingly often: 4th 2 Divi golf Course, 7th 1 Bubali (Watchtower), 8th 3 Arikok 9th 1 Divi Resort, 13th 1 Tamarijn,, 15th 5 Spanish Lagoon, 16th 2 Oranjestad

Tropical Mockingbird: Numerous and wonderfully noisy everywhere!

Northern Waterthrush: 8th 1 Fontain caves

Bananaquit: Very common and trustful in our hotel garden and restaurant. As numerous as the mockingbird but apparently missing in the the Northern and Southern rocky parts and only few in Arikok. Great little bird!

Great-tailed Grackle: 7th 2 males Marriott, 15th 2 males, 1 female By Marriott Hotel.


Great-tailed Grackle, near Marriot, Aruba, Dec., 2013 © Erik Kramshøj

Carib Grackle: Numerous especially in the hotel areas

Shiny cowbird: 4th 8 on the coast line, Divi Hotel area, 10th 10 Divi resort (probably new individuals)

Troupial: Daily observations of 1-3 in the Gardens in the Hotel area

Troupial, Aruba, Dec., 2013 © Erik Kramshøj

Yellow Oriole: 8th 1 by nests at the entrance to Arikok Nature Park

House Sparrow: Yes